Vehicle Management System is the most modern system to manage large vehicle fleet. It process and analyze every single data of your all vehicles. It’s online based software which is really helpful for Bus, Car, Cover Van & Truck operators to manage everyday workflow and performance.


Why People love this?


  • It’s easy to understand the whole system even without training.
  • Individual or group vehicle performance based on earning or expenses.
  • Track each & every parts of your vehicle
  • Find out misuse or overuse of any tools of vehicle; example: wheel
  • Driver wise performance based information.
  • Drivers, Helpers, at a glance Report.
  • Alert Center will inform all vehicle taxes, token, insurance, road permit, expiration date.
  • Easily traceable all over regular and irregular expenses.
  • Easy Inventory system will help to find out live stock information.
  • Inventory system with regular income and expenses.
  • Stock register.
  • Easily traceable stock and product.
  • Easy bank & accounting system.

Benefits of VMS


  •  Improved Record Keeping
  •  Reducing Fuel Corruption and Costs
  •  Increasing Productivity and Enhancing Customer Service
  •  Improving Employee Efficiency
  •  Safety and Breakdown Recovery
  •  Managing All Records of Company at Glance
  •  Employee Tracking Easily
  •  Reduce unnecessary regular costing.


Main Modules

  •  Dashboard
  •  User Management
  •  Vehicle Management
  •  Requisition
  •  Maintenance
  •  Cost Management
  •  Inventory System
  •  Reports
  •  Refueling
  •  VTS Sync with VMS