Managing Director


M2M Communications Ltd. since 2011 provide dynamic solutions and seek to achieve the creation of a wider awareness of the importance of Security based solutions, by a total commitment to solution building and customer satisfaction. The main goal is to contribute to an increase in safety and security for transport, logistics chain and any corporate solutions, while, as secondary objective, a decrease in operational costs for present and future users of M2m Communications ltd. M2M Communications Ltd. strive to be the leading company in GPS Vehicle Tracking and security solutions in Bangladesh and to build up a constructive market share for Bangladesh and surrounding countries.

Since its journey as a one stop solution in the field of Information Technology and information Systems; our mission has been to develop partnerships with clients to provide effective and reliable information technology solutions virtually all areas of Information Technology and Information Systems that provide operational efficiency, productivity gains and cost savings to our clients.

Our customers benefit from the level of simplicity, cost savings and efficiency that is hard to achieve for companies using multiple suppliers for all their needs. We are always looking for solutions that simplify that business of our customers. Professionalism and guarantee of quality we always try to match our obligations with the maximum responsibility and professionalism.